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Child Carriers and Trailers

Baby Seats

Topeak child carrierchild carrier

Commonly referred to as a baby seats, these are excellent for the family that wants to go on a bike ride together but has a little one that isn’t old enough to ride their own bike, These typically can hold about 50lbs. A child carrier can allow you to bring your little one with you on your rides. Some kids immediately love the idea some are scared or don’t like and will let you know in a clear manner (lots of crying); But we’ve seen many kids change their minds after a few minutes of riding so be patient and give it shot. Although the sides of the seat provide protection for the child a helmet must always be worn. The law obligates it, but more importantly it is for the safety of the child. As far as picking the right child seat it mostly comes down to your bike, the Topeak Child seat to the left (yellow and grey) requires a special bike rack made by Topeak to be mounted on to your bike; if your bike is not compatible with a rack this child seat will not work for you. The Thule Child seat on the right (grey and blue) uses a bracket that gets mounted directly on to your frame, this works on the majority of bikes but if your frame has odd tubing shape or you don't want any scratches on your frame this child seat will not be right for you. there are other child seats on the market but thoroughly research how they are mounted before purchasing and always have it installed by professional mechanics like ours or an equivalent team


Burley Child Trailer

If more than one child is being transported a trailer may be the best way to go; trailers work well to carry kids, pets or cargo.

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