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Safety Meets Style

Helmets are a must have for all cyclists; head trauma is a serious issue in cyclist accidents. The primary difference between a base model and a higher end helmet is the weight, the ventilation it offers and how sleek it looks. Some helmets like the Cannondale Teramo and Specialized Echelon offer different helmet positions by adjusting the helmets interior. How these benefits affect you.

  • Looks: lets be honest, if you feel like you don’t look good, you might not want to wear it. And not wearing a helmet is simply not safe; if a cooler looking helmet will get you actually wear it then get a cooler looking helmet
  • Weight: when comparing the weight between two helmets the heaviest maybe 600grams with the lightest being 220grams. it doesn’t sound like a lot since we’re comparing grams but consider this. How often do carry 1lb of weight on your head? Likely never, since your neck is not accustom to carrying weight on your head this adds a small amount of fatigue to you during your ride. So if you are doing a long ride it benefit you to consider a lighter helmet.
  • Ventilation: most cycling takes place during warm weather; if you can get hot wearing a hat you can get hot wearing a helmet. Good ventilation will provide more comfort during long rides. But consider the opposite if you plan to ride during the winter. You will want a helmet or accessories that will keep you warm

Down Hilll Full Face Helmet

These helmets are often referred to as a dirt bike helmet because of their resemblance to a dirt bike helmet, but it is important to let anyone who asks know that this helmet is not a substitute for someone who is using a dirt bike helmet. The wrong helmet is still better than no helmet, but the standards set for a bicycle helmet and a motorcycle helmet are vastly different. A full face helmet is meant for downhill mountain biking, in a down hill ride cyclist can reach speeds of 30-40 MPH while slipping in between trees and slippery rocks, so when accidents happen they happen big. if someone plans to do downhill mountain biking urge them to get a downhill helmet and not substitute that for any other kind of helmet. as you can see that a down hill helmet offers more protection all around the head and jaw so a regular helmet isn’t going to cut it.

A Rebel

This is considered a bucket head style helmet, mostly because it looks like a bucket on your head. These helmets don’t offer a whole lot more than any other helmet, what separates this helmet from the others is mostly its style. Bucket style is most popular among Skateboarders, BMX and Dirt Jump riders It offers a little bit more coverage on the back of the head compared to the road and MTB helmet but not so much that a person should choose this helmet over the other two if their concern is safety. If you think it looks cool and you will wear it because of that, then get this helmet.

Helmet Laws

It is important to stay up date on laws pertaining to helmets; as more research is done related to head trauma law makers will update the laws related to helmet. The current laws regarding helmets in New York State is that anyone under the age of 14 operating a bike must where a helmet. Passengers aging from 1-4 must where a certified helmet and be seated in a carrier specifically designed for Children.