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Repair Center

Professional People, Training, and Tools

Estimates Are Always Free

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that's needed. One of our service technicians will discuss your bicycle’s repair needs with you and carefully explain what we recommend. If our first recommendation is not what you were hoping for, we will present options when possible, always respecting your choices and your budget.

We're Service Pros

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. Every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year. So, whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time. Our mechanics are trained and experienced in servicing anything bike related. Our techs regularly perform maintenance on old discontinued models and parts; while staying up to date on the latest technology the cycling industry pumps out. This includes everything BMX, Mountain, Road, Triathlon, Recumbent or three-wheel related. Including the small parts associated with them; such as Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo and much more.

Walk-ins Are Welcome

On your way out for a ride and found that your bike has a flat? Bent your rim on a pot hole and need to get it true? Sometimes bike malfunction at inconvenient times, Bring it our service techs. If they are able to fix it on the spot and get you back on the road they will; if the repair requires more time they will explain the details to you and ask you to drop it off. You will be contacted when the bike is ready for pick up

Drop Off

If your dropping off your bike for a tune up or a repair is going to take longer than you expected, you can leave your bike with our mechanics and they will inform you of how long the repair or tune up should take. Upon drop off a tech will ask for your name and cell phone number to call and or text you when the bike is ready for pick up. You are welcome to ask any question about your bike when they contact you via call or text.