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Enforced by The Law

Head and Tail Lights

bike lights
Be Seen

In New York City one of the laws that are enforced on cyclist is that they must have a front and rear light if they are going to ride their bikes after dusk, if a cyclist doesn’t have a front and rear light they can receive a fine by a police officer. But more importantly cyclists should have lights on their bikes so that they are visible to other cyclists and motorists. Most accidents happen because one person doesn’t see the other. Drivers instinctively look out for cars and not small objects such as cyclists. By having lights on the bike cyclists are more likely to be seen by drivers. .



be heard

Bells are another important accessory that all cyclist should have. Bells or any device that makes noise are also obligated under law in New York City, bells help to keep cyclists safe. You can also a buzzer or an air horn if you looking to make enemies while your at it. if a person doesn’t notice a cyclist because they are distracted by something the sound of the bell, buzzer or airhorn will get their attention and they will at least know that your are in the area.

Cyclist are expected to operate their vehicles while obeying many of the laws that cars and motor cycles must obey. This means that cyclist must be the right side of the road, preferably if a bike lane if one is exists on that street if not to the right shoulder of the road. Cyclist must also stop for red lights and stop signs. Please click the link to the Department of Transportation website for more specifics about road laws pertaining to cyclists.

Helmet Law

bicycle helmet

Be Safe

It is important to stay up date on laws pertaining to helmets; as more research is done related to head trauma law makers will update the laws related to helmet. The current laws regarding helmets in New York State is that anyone under the age of 14 operating a bike must where a helmet. Passengers aging from 1-4 must where a certified helmet and be seated in a carrier specifically designed for Children.

Visit for laws about cycling in New York